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...or will you be finding something totally different to do that day?
Obviously weapons grade uranium (80% or more U-235) is dangerious and cannot be legally purchased... However I trying to figure out if I may legally purchase so called "low enriched" (less than 20% U-235) uranium (such as that used in nuclear power plants). If so how much does it cost and from whom can it be purchased?
Vista Ultimate ($399 for full version, $259 for upgrade) but also Home Premium ($239/$159) this could add hundreds of millions to Microsoft's bottom line this year. Will you spend the extra money? Are you planning on moving to Vista?
Ok, Vista didn't go as expected. Not at all. I am looking into buying a Macbook, but I don't know if, since Vista WAS installed, I can (legally) install it again. Really, it applies to all computers- I KNOW that Boot Camp can run Windows, so that's not what I'm asking. Basically: since Vista was installed on a computer, then uninstalled, can I install it again? (Thanks for tolerating the rambling.)