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I read some comments and some answers that made me wonder about stereotypes that we have of other people, and if many, or any are based in fact.Does being strongly for or against one of them, predispose to you toward feeling the same way about one (or more) of the others?NDwind's Q inspired this Q...​4CC7
I myself think although the person may have done something horrible, no one deserves death. They may have done something to someone, that hurt others, but do you want to hurt that person's loved ones? It's really quite hard, if I was in the situation, it would be different, I would be angry and maybe feel the way others do. However killing doesn't bring back your loved one. It doesn't help anything! I guess it's really just the situation! Your take???
An eye for an eye? What about sex offenders? terrorist?Spousal abusers? Armed robbery?
Personally, I would suggest flogging for a first offense and death if there are any repeats. But, as they say, two heads work better than one, so I'm open to new ideas.