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Retts, Michelle, Mission Jesus or JackiePlease let me know who you think provided the best answer to the question and why. The link to the question is below. When you click on the link to view the question below please also vote for the person you think gave the best answer.​7805
Please read instructions carefullyIn order to find out who gave the best answer to the question I am asking above please click on the link below which will take you to the question page where all the answers were provided. I am doing this survey because never before has any question on the QnA ever received 21 answers. This has proven to be a very popular topic that many people on the QnA are interested in. Let’s just hope that the Windows Live Developers are paying attention to what we want.​7923
The disk won't read. I need to find a site or something with the information avalible. Thnx
Here is on Chinese Animal Sign: is on the Combo:**To facilitate others' viewing, please begin your answer with the Name of your "Combo" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------(P.S. Please visit my other Question for your "Numerology" and Moon Sign)--
I'm looking for growth percentages for Computer Consulting, Security (physical and perimeter), and data networking.