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I need to build a case against someone getting a Staffordshire Terrier with a one-year-old in the house.I know they can be sweet. I know there are nice things to say about them, but there ARE negative aspects and I'd like to build a case to at least make the known risks available to the parents before they go through with this purchase.Please help by providing links to reliable sources of information.Thanks.
Such as: Getting to first base while on a date. Or "I got a petey" in reference to an abrasion from sliding into a base.
I have an AOL account. In order to access broadband through my AOL account, I've always had to have another broadband ISP (e.g. Verizon, Comcast, etc). It would be easier for me to get my broadband directly from AOL and have both the dialup and broadband on one bill (considering it's reliable). I've been searching around for AOL's own broadband, but don't don't where to find it. Does AOL own it's own broadband, or do I have to keep going through Verizon for broadband?
I have Autocad experience, but I am looking for tips and tricks to increase my drafting speed.