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Ms Windows has security tools, so does AOL and now IE explorer 7, McAffee. Seems that only one should suffice.
my brother messed around with it when he got a palm pilot, now, every time i try to erase or put new music files on it, a popup tells me that the disk has write protection on it
I'm not worried about zone alarm, as much as something is running in the background, and I dont know what should be there, and running, and what shoulndt be there, or shouldnt be running in background.
I was at a party last night discussing the lastest virus to attack our company and someone suggested that I download this free program but I don't think I remember exactly the letters.
Like if you bought this protection sevice, but then the other one says that they are better than this sevice or they have won cerifaction two years in a row. and yours only has one or something like that? do they do the samething Do all firewalls protect the same, do all virus protection protect the same, etc.
license agreement of Windows Xp Professional?And then using third party themes....
I got avast anti-virus, and it seems to conflict with norton, however i cant seem to exit the apps. I tried right-clicking the processes, lets me deactivate till next start up, i try task manager, but it denies me to exit norton. Checked start-up menu in programs, its not there eitheralright, just found out how to disable internet security at startup, but cant exit either or disable protection center?BTW: I have Norton internet security, protection center, anti-virus and anti spam, should i keep one of these on (incase avast doesn't have the feature on my free version: 4.7 home edition)
I boot it then when i get to the boot screen it sits there and never boots. In safe mode i boot it then it restarts. I have not been on the internet for a few days so i do not think it is a virus. I have got windows setup file on my hard drive. I don't have a setup disk. So all I am looking for is A dos emulator that boot from a cd.
last week i was on the phone for a very long time trying to sort this mess out, i could not even get on the net..phoned bt to cut a long story short he uninstalled the online protection and reinstalled the new version telling me i should not have anymore problems,but could not give me a good reason why this happened...i have got windows xp,,wireless