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They are spoiled, ill mannered, little wretches. I love them to death, but the are going to "do business" all over the place.
Personally my rottweiler does just fine. I lived in a house that had an alarm and guns and they still made off with stuff.
A 12-year-old black boy was beaten to death with a hammer today...a B student, good kid. He is but one of thousands of young people killed every year in our inner cities. What is WRONG with our country that we cannot protect our children????If this were happening in white suburbia, we'd be calling out the National Guard.
at my thought about them removing some of my stuff. Now, that I know, I will be more appreciative to the QnA team. I apologize to them.
Bud 28
I'm afraid that gold as a commodity can too easily be affected by governments and big players.