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Pook Stoddard
Also what economic evidence is there to explain why these fluctuations occurred?
Or answer my front door with it?Assuming it's properly permitted, and my town doesn't have a gun-ban law on the books, could I do that?
Madoffs' lawyers said $69 million in property and accounts belonged to Ruth Madoff and was unrelated to the fraud. DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?
Goodbye, Cruel World
installed steel gates and bars on my windows, would my neighbors get upset?(Boy, the tag suggestion system thinks any question with the word "windows" is all about computers and their products. That seems a bit arrogant.)Actually, that is the norm in much of the world where the police are scarce and corrupt.
Have been told that these surveys are more of an "art" than a dicipline, and that the results are different each time a survey has been completed.Would greatly appriciate any documentation or references that I can look up.Thanks in advance!
i am asking about those nuts out there that think it is fun to tear up thousands of computers with viruses.