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Can eating soy add to risk of getting breast and/or prostate cancer?
My computer was infected I removed the spyware and everything is fine, but when i right click on my desktop, properties,background the only thing that i can change is the color, its not locked, its frozen what do i need to do to fix someone help!?!?
I recently uninstalled my qurio photo albums, but I need to get them back so I reinstalled qurio, but I can't launch it because the launchanywhere properties files are missing.
Pretty Eyes
What are MSI Clock, Core clock and memory clock? When adjusted, what do they do? I tried moving the sliders, but got a message about causing instability.What is DOT (dynamic overclocking technology) and what do the Sgt, Capt, Col, etc. buttons do?
I want to be able to speak directly from my microphone out through my speakers.
Instead of printing it, I saved it to file and now cannot get it open.
my old computer i found had this setting that i couldn't figure out how...when i put for example ... ( .exe) while re-naming the icon it switched to the proper choice and if i do it on this one (new computer) i can't change the file type by re-naming it
The King Of Chaos
I had a bug and it took out my display properties backgrounds and restore abilities. I need help to fix this.
I have mass, and density, what else can i prove? I know it's not flammable, and it doens't have a boiling point. What can I do?