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ok i'm really desperate guys... please help me... my physics teacher is really eating me alive... i need to submit a decent project in 5 days.. plz make sure it aint kiddish... also it should not be based on electronics or nuclear physics.. thanx in advance..... :)
For those of you out there using Scrum, do you have Program Managers on your Scrum teams, and if so, what are their roles and/or responsibilities as opposed to using the traditional waterfall method?
Premiere Pro 2 is older I think, and I always encounter a fatal error whenever I try importing Elements 3 projects so what gives? (Tried reinstalling; Pro 2 should handle this out of the box.)
Im looking to find sources where upcoming national projects are listed for the african continent.
I have several real estate development projects for which i need initial investors to get the projects started so additional funding can be obtained. how do I find the investors, establish credibility and know the investors will be good to work with?