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Aaron Donne
what can I do to not have so many programs start at startup and run in the task manager.
taking care of disabled brother i am not employed and my home is in forclo sure now
Well I download Windows Live Messenger about 3months ago and now it doesn't show up in add or remove programs unlike the other months. If anyone can help me remove it, I'll highly appreciate it.
Will I be able to access programs on my desktop from my laptop computer through file sharing or will I have to install the programs on my laptop too?
Bought my son an MP3 player but you can't download songs from i-tunes because it's not compatable i guess- only compatable with i-pod, what other program will let me download onto an mp3 player??
I just recorded some music off the line in on my PC to burn a disk. I was wondering if there where any free programs that would let me enhance or improve the sound quality. Thanks.
I have some music I recorded off my line in but, the quality is low... Just wondering if there are any free programs that would let me work on the sound quality, thank.