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Blue Cafe
While the taxpayers are taking the brunt of losses in the private Banking sector, is the converse true that profits will be distributed publicly to the ratio of the Governments stake in the Banks?
Blue Cafe
The current Economic system is based on competition in order to create a stronger market, but whenever large multinational companies get into strife, taxpayers money is used to bail them out while small companies & individuals go to the wall.Should taxpayers support large companies in this way? Should large companies be required to redistribute some of their their profits through larger taxes in order to reimburse this back to the public?Is the current system geared to strengthen the strong & weaken the weak?
There was a time when people took pride in their work. Now workers do the minimum. What is built no longer lasts. It's designed to fail. Is this good for the consumer?Remember "service" stations? (Gas stations to you younger folk.) They used to wash your windshield every time you filled the tank. They'd ask to check your oil. Now they just want you to buy something from their mini-mart. Did you know you can't buy a half gallon of ice cream anymore? Look next time. It's now either 1.5 (Dreyers) or 1.75 quarts. They still charge the same amount. Candy bars get smaller and smaller, but the price goes up and up. Packaging is often designed to deceive the consumer. (I saw this with Sugar Babies. The box got bigger, but the weight was decreased.)I am so tired of buying things that last three weeks then break.Most of us have health insurance, but it protects us less and costs more. If you have an expensive illness, will you be covered? Will you be dropped?
For product royalty calculations that are based on 'net revenue in profits collected realized on sales of product' ... what all types of expenses can be claimed/subtracted from gross revenue? Can the company claim to "reinvest all profits back into company for growth" and get away with claiming the net revenue is ZERO and avoid any payments?
Brett the last time they were profiting that much was in the 70's..... wasn't there an "oil crisis" then....?

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