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Captain Zoom
Has the current HD DVD vs Blu-ray format war been driven by greed and profit? Since one is likely to win is there room for both formats. I am completing a submission of 3000 words on the above subject, feel free to add any comment aspecially about the greed and profit issueThanks
I know how they go together, how they work, et cetera, I'm just unsure whether or not it'd be profitable.
Have you tried this? I put 3 hours into surveys that would eventually lead to some cash. Call it an experiment, if you will. At the end of what I call my term (I quit), I had only racked up $3.00. That money, of course, would not make it to me for at least 6 weeks. What was your experience like? Has anyone actually made any money, or have they just received 3 hours of free surveys to turn over to companies for their own profit?
Billy Jean
Thus, Exxon makes 30 cents Profit Per Gallon of Gas used in the ENTIRE United States - and Exxon is just ONE company.... Too much profit off the backs of the American consumer ?