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Purchaced xp media center edition to have DVD burning in Movie Maker installed it and updated it and still I do not have DVD in menu to burn DVD from Movie maker menu to save to?
Do you want someone who works with her head, or with her hands?Which one makes you look twice? Gives you butterflies?Turn-around of another Q...
I take my work and passion for interactive entertainment more serious than most. I truly believe that such will dominate the entertainment industry altogether. I do ponder how I might utilize my skill and experience to apply them professionally to my passion. "You are not happy unless you do what you love." How do I become a professional QA beta tester for interactive entertainment developers without buying these subscriptions or offers promising "gold mines" or "job lists"?Forward answer to: [email protected] subscription offers please.
Iwould like to utilize my skill and experience to test the latest pc and console games for quality assurance. Is it possible for me to do so on a professional level without pruchasing any subscriptions or offers promising gold mines?
I need a copy of a i386 folder because my folder is missing alot of files and I need a copy to replace it.
I need to purchase an SEO solution to enhance the services of my company's SEO team. I don't want to partner with someone else, I want to have full control on the tool
Blue Bear
I had to buy a laptop with professional recording studio features, but I don't know if is better PC or MAC for this kind of job. I have a guitar and a Midi keyboard to connect with it, Whic is better for this type of use? I mean, considering latency problems, quality/quantity of disponible audio software, ecc ecc
Its Unregistered n in original Package&Documentation But I dont hav its purchage details...cos... .What Shoul I do with this CD:-1. Sell it...(if any one want2buy price=??)2. Try other Serial Key...3. Call microsoft....(I allready tried.....)4. Keep it as it is...Plssss help me out......
Just few days back I bought Dell PC n received free Windows XP Professional CD & COA....I want to know whether my COA/Product key is used n registered by some one before buying my PC...before registration & activation of my Genuine copy I want to confrm whether COA is already used by someone to activate/register this copy or not
free at but hury the give away time is almost up . hope i don't get a violation for his but yeah my question was who uses the personal version
I am thinking about taking a test to become Microsoft Certified, and I took 2 skills assessments. On one I got a 73%, on the other I got an 80%. I know, I know, I'll need to study a little bit to get these grades higher before taking the exam, but I'm just curious to know what score I would need to get. Also, I wanted to know if there is an age limit (I'm still a student). Do you have to be 18 years of age?