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I'm trying to find out how Laundry Detergents are sold from On-line markets like and <-- Marketing strategy
On , below the search bar is the 3 most searched items on MSN live search for today, one of those items is "toys made in US". Do you think that Americas are going to be boycotting Chinese-made toys this Christmas, because of safety concerns?
What coke product do you buy most of
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Can we just charge more for our other exports while building more refineries and alternative sources of energy?And why not be more competitive in our consumership?Buying from other venders than the ones we have been buying from might cause them to treat us better right?Can someone explain this to me please?
Im wondering what percentage of America's GDP consist of sales from major companys? Microsoft, Apple, EA or any other finace/pharaceutical companys you may know of...
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dly? What are some products that are overboard in the environmental department, or just some ideas that are being considered and any other opinion welcomed?
The dogs and cats are sick from eating those products