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Many production facilities have moved to China, Mexico, etc. There is no way for an american to survive on the wages paid in these countries. The assembly of one product line where I work has been moved to China. The units are shipped here to be tested and inspected by our people, then shipped to the dealers. The benefits to corporations/stockholders of moving production to other countries is so great, how can the American worker compete?? Last week we had two unpaid days off due to lack of work and rumors of layoffs. What can be done?
No Name
Isn't addiction to heroin terrorizing to the addict, their families and all of us that are affected by the criminality that goes with supporting such a habit?
What are some good WYSIWYG editors for 3d design and production, C++ programming. I would like to do a few things: I want to be able to make video games of many types quickly. Program the game to work with direct x quickly, and Homebrew PSP environments. I would also like to make cgi animated short stories quickly.
I enjoy driving unusual cars. My next door neighbor, the Street Rodder, found a car for me at a car show this weekend. If I buy it, I will have owned two of the three production automobiles with "gull-wing" doors. Please name all three and the years in which they were produced.
Charles Dean
I was at a car show and noticed alot of people were stating their car was 1 of 2865 and 1 of 352 with these options. I have a 1938 Chevy and would like to know how rare my car is.
Chicago Lady
I listened to a discussion on the radio today about the economy. One of the panelists talked about the difference in auto production costs, which was refuted by another panelist. I am wondering if our costs are higher and if so, why. Would it be attributed to the unions? Benefits? I don't know enough about the varying labor or materials costs around the world to really understand the full picture.