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Miss Messy
A neighbor wants' to give me a homemade "Apple Seed" processor he designed and built inside of his own garage. I want to learn to produce diesel fuel and is it really worth the time and effort economically to do ? Would the use of this fuel be considered going green in a way ? Are there less pollutants as a byproduct of the use of this fuel in a passenger vehicle ?
Aquarius The Brett
What is the daily output for most professional careers in the modern world. Creatively I'm averaging 2 pages per day for my amateur work and never know if that's excessive or not. Should I spend more time on research to balance what I write because I rarely add another ten pages of quotes or paraphrase.
a gallon for gas if we are friendly with 2 and we are trying to free the 3rd?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Just kidding on this I hope.Besides the answer that the President is getting ready to leave office and claim Iraq as a new ranch for himself what is your views on this.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^