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how can i format or restore my windows smart phone running over windows xp smart phone edition 2003
i have patented a process that eliminates the need to use search engines... all of them (and not with, yet another, search engine)...but if I decide not to build it out, I can't determine which search engine to maybe sell it to (because it will eliminate the rest). any suggestions, besides the obvious (google)?
In this day in age with our technology obviously high tech why is our ways still the same with energy usage and contamination of the ecosystem?? Is money really as important than our whole race's future??
I'm not talking about uploading. I'm talking about processing.
Tags: process
I have accidentally deleted (A long time ago) what seemed to be an unimportant file at the time from my computer. It was a startup process by the name of ehSched.exe which should allow me to download the guide for windows media center. I have no idea as to how to restore this back to the startup process menu since I had delted it with CCleaner. I still have the physical file in my eHome folder I just do not have it in the startup processes.