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And seriously, what are our options, both sort-term and long-term. I don't mean predict the future based on current conflicts. (Thanks for doing your part, George.) Landfills, clean drinking water, water for irrigation, food supply, "haves and have nots," oil, wood, leaking nuke fuel containers, our ocean fisheries, climate change and resulting changes to the Earth (our only life support system)... Ever heard of Thomas Malthus? (He was wrong in assessing when the trouble would come, but not the cause of our ultimate demise: war, famine, disease, or pestilence.) Thoughts? Thanks.
hello, I have a burner cd/ DVD and I worked well with nero 7, but nowdo not appear in Nero StartSmart options burn dvd, appearing only CD, what can i do
I have downloaded Windows 7 onto my computer and have a DVD+RW disk and DVD-RW drive. When I insert the DVD into the drive and then drag the file onto the DVD drive in computer it says "Please insert a disk".
Simply Splendid Sgnatures
I'm an addict and i'm having problems dealing with seperate problems also oriented with my addiction
Horse Country
I have a Maltese. She is very tiny. About five pounds. I bought her to breed her, she has gone through her first heat, and accidently got knocked up. I am aware of the risks. So I am being extra careful with her next heat, which should be rolling around any time now. But, she hasn't given me any big "sign" that she is in heat. One day the male will be slightly insterested, and the next day she will be humping him. I have heard about dogs going in and out of heat, I'm so unsure of the situation, and do not want her to get pregnant until next heat.
Sea Pig
There are some horse stables I go up to often and there's a German Shepard there. He is a complete sweet heart with just about anyone but recently had a complaint against him. He bit an electrician that was in uniform. Why?
I like a guy who doesn't know I exist. My best friend is a guy and he likes me, and I'm starting to like him a little. But if we go out and break up I don't want to mess up the relation ship and, this is going to sound really shallow but, he isn't the most atractive guy in the world. There is this other uy that likes me but he is really shy and we would act like we were only friends if we went out. Should I go with my dream guy, friend, or shy guy?
yes, It can hurt anyone in long time... I don't know what should I do, these days I've lots of problem mixed with each-other and I feel my mind soon would.... BOOM!!I can feel I'm really in bad mood... I cannot find anyone that I feel I can talk to and get help from... something like feeling and personal problems is not things to be able to talk with everyone... I don't know what should I do... maybe I need to a psychiatrist...!! I don't know! help me to get out from this bad mood... :(