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In Canada we have the Metric System. I want to know the following, In my area, a Litre of gasoline is selling for approximately, $1.20/L. I want to know, if you converted that to U.S. Gallons, what would U.S. Citizens be paying for a gallon of gas, if it was at that price of $1.20/L? I know its over $5.00 a Gallon. Apparently, I am Hollywood, and I am NOT smarter than a 5th Grader. Thank you. Please post the formula, and how you worked it out.I am drawing a blank.
This is happening on both my desktop and laptop. Drives will read CD and DVD, will write to CD, but will not write to DVD. Just gives "Windows has encountered a problem trying to copy this file". Please help!
Radio plays fine but CD/DVD does not,I get picture with can I get the sound to work with CD's and DVD's?I moved the unit from a Celica to a Durango and it was working in the Celica fine until I put it in the Durango.
Ok, I have a Phillips DVD+RW DVD8631 CD Drive in my Dell Dimension 3000. It can play DVD's but it can't play CD's any more. I have tried putting in multiple CD's in to install software, but none of them work! By the way, CD's worked before, as in a few months ago. I have had the computer for about 3 or 4 years and this has never happened before! In Device Manager it works fine! Maybe the CD side of the drive isn't working.Thanks in advance,Jai
so the the Mexican drug production can be reduced; it would be hard for Mexico to fight drugs while demand in the US is high.What is your opinion?
I am a teenager. I just got my own room. My 11 year old brother is freaking out and will not stop. He won't use drugs, therapy, or any other remedy to calm down. What can I do?
I was at someone's house and their teenage daughter wanted to hold my baby girl. I handed her over, she looked up at the girl holding her and started to scream. The girl handed her back to me, and that's when I noticed her eyes were rapidly jiggling. It looked like she had no control over the movement. It was disconcerting. It's been over 35 years and I still wonder. Does anyone out there know?
If I am correct Sucralose is a sweetner with Aspartame. It gets pretty annoying when your dad thinks he's smarter than you and most times he is, and when you study something and there's tons of research and your dad says your lying and yells and it makes you feel, "Well he knows everything so it must be right but still...". Has anyone gone through this? Also am I correct about Sucralose?
Not one Presidential Candidate has addressed the US Drug Problem. Being elected and politics is more important than solving real issues.
Should they be legalized?