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Animals are sentient beings and at the mercy of human beings. Fighting dogs are among the victims of the cruelty of despicable human beings like Michael Vick. While most people strive to do good in this life, others strive to put our species to shame. These people are the epitome of cruelty, who if capable of hurting a dog are just as capable of hurting a human being. Obviously, people like these are worthless to society, so why keep them alive, and give them small sentences? Michael Vick, and men like him should be put to death, in my opinion. Animals are not less important than people, for they share the planet with us. Moreover, dogs, in particular, have been our best friends for thousands of years. They help us in so many ways that not one dog deserves the fate that this despicable human being, Michael Vick, and others gave and still give to so many pit bulls. What do you think?
*to the beat of deadbeat dog owners*Article:
A ten year old girl, today, lost her battle with with brain cancer. She wanted to see her daddy... who is serving the last year of his 5 1/2 year sentence on a federal drugs-related conviction.The link to the story: do you feel it should be handled? Black and white? No gray areas? Time served is time served? Or do you feel that we should draw arbitrary lines when the last days of a loved one's life are being weighed into the decision?Do you think that the officials at Yankton prison could have, should have done more? Or that they showed generous consideration of the family?
Crowds of thousands are calling for her execution by firing squad for insulting Islam.​article_id=498689&in_page_id=1811&ct=5What do you think/have to say about Islam?
As we all know many criminals have had reduced sentences, etc. I wonder if ever it was changed in a State to have the death penalty reinstated, would there be a possibility of this happening?
Little J
What happened when i was gone??
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Should Vicks do the time or should he become a lifetime member of PETA?