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With some private industries posting record profits, the consumers are taking it in the shorts.
I'm seeing many cars that should be between $1200 and $500 with asking prices of $2500 to $3500. I've always thought of Blue Book as a seller's starting point.
Blue book doesn't go beyond 1988... I haven't found any other sites that go past that... HELP ME! I am looking to buy this car that my brother's friend has been letting me borrow but I want to know if the price he is asking is reasonable.
Samuel Deva
are the older muscle car prices dropping down again ??? saw a Boyd Coddington piece go for under $130,000. recently...
I am trying to set up a direct mail marketing program for a chain of ladies only health clubs in the UK. I need to get policies, pricing, and information on how to get this done by tomorrow... Wed July 25...
I have numerous types, sizes and occasions, cards etc., that I found while cleaning out a linen closet. Included are 1st edition prints of Currie and Ives Christmas scenes. Any help will be appreciated, as I am new to this.