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Qb Kate
I don't find $80 for a dumpy flimsy computer desk a good price..
I have a dell 720 printer. Need cartridges at the lowest price possible, can anybody tell me where? I live in Riverside, CA. Need the lowest price out there...THANKS!
I would like to have a 37" that wears well on street and dirt. any ideas on what kind and/or where the best place is to get them? please let me know ASAP my truck is sooooo loud right now.
E-85 is 85% alcohol diluted with 15% gas yet is billed at the pump as gas. From my investigations a person making their own ethanol at home spends between $.60 cents to $.80 cents to make a gallon. So, is E-85 fairly priced at gas pumps or is it really a scam?
It must be new, have bluetooth, navigation, leather, dvd, and it can't take premium, I know the expectations are high, but I need help, thanks