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How do Americans feel now that the Canadian dollar is higher than the American dollar?Do you believe that Canada and the USA should use the same currency or should we each continue to use our own individual currency?
preventive measure of dug addiction
Need something for a professional dog kennel facility.
This has benn preyin" on my mind. I always see the cowboys ride into town, up to the saloon hitching post, flip the reigns loosely around it, and proceed to go get wasted. But their also must've been many other reasons you might not put it in a stable every time. And I don't believe people were SO different back then that there wouldn,t have been a shifty lurker or two, hanging out by the telegraph or somewheres, awatching and awaiting. Also, if you know about that, perhaps you know who cleaned up what the horses left behind? Thanks, ya'll. Best to you and yourn.
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program from cleaning up templates I'm working on right before I go to save them? There are no viruses in my templates, but I have to outwit the dumb protector programs as these programs are deleting my work that takes me hours to do! I need the help of you expert QnAer Techies please! Thanks in advance! :)