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His face is droopy on one side and he is having a hard time eating on that side. He does not seem like his normal peppy self. He is confused and is not up to his usual routine. He is hanging out/lying down in places he never has before and seems nervous. Poor little guy. I know if I go to the vet they will want to do an MRI which costs ALOT of money. Not sure if there is anything else I can do??? Any advice would be much appreciated!
i just dont get it... there's normal people who look nice, dress nice, are nice and even smart and they go over there with the typical "pretty girl" I just want to know.. it's a curiosity i have.
Been watching Chef Ramsey. Last night marinated two butterflied porkchops, lightly sauteed them, put each one on a mound of Italian dressed greens and surrounded THAT with 3/4-inch browned rounds of potatoes. WOW!!!! Was it pretty!!!! It tasted really good to....ever done something like that? (It was easy!!! Salad/potatoes/meat all on one plate!! Wooo Hoooo!!! Less dishes!
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Yet, this has been one of the most hotly debated Amendments in our history. The Second Amendment is primarily about tyranny and self-defense, not hunting. The Founding Fathers wanted us to be able to defend ourselves from our own government, if need be, and from all threats to our lives and property. Second Amendment rights belong to individuals, not cities or states. Gun control should never be based on geography.WHY DID OUR FOUNDING FATHERS THINK WE WOULD NEED THIS SO BAD THEY EVEN SAID IT SHOULD NOT BE INFRINGED UPON??????WHY WOULD WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES AGAINST OUR OWN GOVERNMENT?WHAT DID OUR FOUNDING FATHERS KNOW ABOUT OUR GOVERNMENT THAT WE DON'T?