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I live in southeast Ohio and I'm debating to go with Alltel U Pay-Per-Day or Net10. Any other recomendations? My zipcode is 43780 (Senecaville, OH)
AT&T support said it can only be bought on a 2 year contract, I know that's not true because ebay has them for full price. So if I bought one on ebay, and slid in my AT&T gophone card, would the calling work?
I've had tracfone, simple freedom, and virgin mobile. Tracfone and Simple freedom were not enough minutes. I wanted nite and weekends so I got Virgin Mobile, which is the worst service possible, and they are rediculously priced, and keep rising their prices. I was thinking about trying Verzion Wireless Impulse prepaid plan. It had nites and weekends, and your day minutes is like tracfone. I'm not old enough for a plan for another 4 months, and my parents won't help. So what is the best type of prepaid that is fairly cheap, and has nites and weekends?
I know that there is the kind likeTracefone, Net10, and Boost mobile and then there is the kind where you get free nights and weekends like virgin mobile and verzion wireless...What is the best prepaid phone service and why?
Tags: prepaid
I was wondering if it is possible to obtain the ability to call premium numbers on a prepaid Vodafone phone, and if it is then how would I do this?