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Or has the price increases at the supermarket and possibly other things- as yet to be seen-canceled each other out. I carry another health insurance plan which will increase by 8 percent soon. So on my part-taking all things into consideration - I will be taking one step forward and two steps back.
My chihuahua eats his own and the other dogs poo. They eat what I have been told by professionals, a breed specific dog food and he still eats it. Its hard to love on a dog knowing where their mouth has been, if you know what I mean...Yuck!!
When I go into to create an e-mail and then click on "share photos" I create my slideshow then send. It says there is a server problem but it has been this way for almost three weeks. Is there a plan to fix this or has it been eliminated?
Mike Winn
Will the new Windows Vista (Home Premium & Ultimate) be available on x64 versions so i can install it on my AMD Athlon64 4000+ laptop?Just want to know if Vista will also come in 64-bit.
I run the Qwest DSL browser on my main machine and would like to have it on this second machine, but I can't find a disk with the browser and I don't remember the initial installation sequence. I have installed access to another email account and enjoy getting the Compuserve email in the MSN browser.
The main reason why I am asking this is because I have a laptop that Vista Upgrade Advisor states that I can run Vista Home Basic. I can not upgrade the video card to my computer. Can I install Home Premium to my laptop to enable Laptop support for my computer. Will It work wthout the "Aero Experience". My computer is a Compaq Presario M2108US. Here is my hardware: Intel Celeron m processor (1.5 GHz). My main hard drive has 37.2 GB Capacity. (WITH NOTHING ON IT) I have 736 MB ram. Can my computer update to Home Premium? How can I get support from my manufacturer after I upgrade? I do not want to update my Graphics/Video Card. I wish to leave it the same, will this affect how my computer works with vista?I want vista and I don't mind not having aero with it.
Looks like a troll has collected a lot of email addresses and is causing some people to get really upset. Mine has been turned over to MSN for investigation.While it may turn on a few people, it does NOT turn me on to see some unclothed fat guy on a lawn tractor. Now if it were say a good looking woman, that's one thing but a Fat unclothed guy? Ugh NO !!!!! EWwwwwww ! Some troll is going to lose their computer and maybe freedom.
Hello. I'm just wondering if you can change the system language in Windows Vista Home Premium to Espanol (Spanish). If you can't is there software that you can download to change the system language in Windows Vista Home Premium to Spanish. Thank you if you can help
I messed up again and somehow changed a file extention. What program do I associate with my .zip files. I don't know what program should open them. For other Compressed (zipped) Folders it says "Unknown Application" as the default program. That's what I want it to say for .zip extentions but I don't know how to do it. Help please. And if you would be as specific and detailed as possible I would really appreciate it. If not I end up guessing answers and messing up more. Thank you in advance.Kayla
When i got my computer it had the Aero theme and all of its functionality, and now my computer is acting like i have Vista Basic, i no longer have the aero theme and none of its features...can someone tell me what's wrong.