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Tags: powered
Linda (puterbaugh) Coyle
I'm looking for information about the latest in nuclear power and if the government has scaled the fusion reactors down to the point that they can start installing it into consumer sized automobiles as replacements for the engine. Being into finding better ways to power todays cars, I'm just trying to research this issue as an alternative means to fossil fuels.
just wondering what the value might be, i got my hands on one, i never heard of it being made.
My question is just out of curiousity. As a man, do you prefer when a women has a high powered career that makes a lot of money works long hours etc, or do you prefer the more traditional types (not to say that they don't have a career) but it is not their first priority and they are the type that would like to raise their kids and maybe work part time while raising them...A few men have said they prefer traditional because they want a woman they can take care of and they honestly don't care for the high power status because generally the kids end up left to be taken care of by a nanny and the marriage doesn't go very well because both people are working too much.I've also had men say that they would rather a woman who is independant financially and has high status in the working world.So what's YOUR opinion?
I heard of a really loud speaker powered on Nitrous before, but never have seen one. Can anyone give me info or a link?