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I'm going to have the 42" lcd wall mounted, and hooked up to the xbox 360 (with bose sound system). The 360 is also a windows media extender, so it has the windows media center program that can access all of my pictures, videos, and music. I have a 400GB drive in my computer that has full movie folders copied to it. currently i use intervideo windvd platinum to play them back on my computer (has full dvd quality with surround sound). i want to be able to watch these movies on the 360 via network (with full quality & sound sound), is there some way i can get it to play these files? I tried to convert the movies to divx format but the 360 doesn't see them. the max res i could rip at was around 800x600. Got any ideas?
ok i just got my ipod, and i want to put some movies in it. is there a way to do that, i can not find a way.
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Have about 5.2 GB of old home movies on a single DVD and want to make copies for relatives. My computer has an older RW/DVD-ROM drive that will copy only on lower capacity DVDs. None of the blank DVDs I've seen hold more than about 4 to 5 GB. Question: Can I copy the 5.2 GB movies directly to an 8 GB flash drive? If so, would it be possible to play the movies by simply inserting the flash drive into a USB port to access the movies. Thanks for any help on this.
I was under anesthesia and after they gave me the Demerol I saw they had given me Epinephrine and other meds i don't know
Not counting calories. Not especially worried about sugar or carbs. Just staying away from anything that has cholesterol or very little.
I'm 5' 10 and 225 lbs. and have tried for 4-5 years to lose weight with various diet programs without success. Is there any way to be successful losing weight when dealing with multiple endocrine diseases?