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Flexible Hours, Paid vacations, 401K Plan (100%matching), Free Medical and Dental, No Exp. Req., Poor Communication Skills Ok, You don't even have to be that smart, Being able to talk Smack a plus, Know when to be friendly and know when to drop the hammer skills will be trained, free training. Must be able to type 2 words a minute (incorrect is ok).Driver's license and drug test screening.Please post resume, salary requirements, special needs request and available start date.
I think the last question I said of, Will we be on top? was not put correctly so I put it in a different format that I think is a little bit more fitting.
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"The events of the last few days have made it clear that we must take further bold and decisive action to shore up confidence in our financial markets and avoid a deepening economic crisis that could jeopardize the life savings and well-being of millions of Americans," Obama said in a statement.Obama said he supported efforts by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to work with the Congressional leadership to find a solution to the deepening crisis.​_dc
There is a test available this weekend only for the veterans services representaive position in the VA office. I need tie website address to access the test please?
What is Peru's position and stance on banning land mines and why? Give or link sources please.
What is Peru's position or stance on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict and unemployed Palestinians? Please list or link sources.