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How come politicians/law makers will not financially bail out working class Americans when they fall upon hard times but will gladly use American tax payer dollars to spend billions to bail out large corporations that have financial down turns through their own incompetence?
Tell me one time in which a poor person ever created a job? Do you not realize that when taxes are increased on the rich they just bury there money to protect it as they like anyone want the most return for their investment? Do you not realize that some of the richest Americans are politicians and that when the pass a tax that will effect them they will make sure that there is a tax cut or shelter to protect their money? Tax the rich or tax cut for the rich is just something to stir the pot and make people angry or excited depending on which one they are talking about. They are just playing anyone that fall for the rhetoric is a fool that they have a great time laughing at. Do you want to be their fool?
One Twisted Child
Would the government improve or flounder?Would corporate America flourish or be brought to its knees?
Serbia is a mess. Shouldn't they get their own house in order instead of using Kosovo as a way of not facing reality.
Ian S.
religion to be Christian (of varying denominations) - Can you be Christian and authorize or commit torture? What are your opinions?
and then told everyone on the planet that you where the reason for what is happening while they where the only ones to benifit from all that is going on MONEY AND POWER WISE
business experience? Being a politician and running a campaign that is a job of salesmanship yet it is not the same of making decision that reflect a profit and loss positioning. I know that the business community has not done great lately but we are really just seeing the bad apples in a group of CEO there are a group of CEO's that have held the bottom line and reflect a profit for their companies. Our government is spending tax payer money like they did not earn it just that they can tax for it to get more?