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I need 9,000 more points!
Tags: points
A question was removed earlier ( about suicide) I answered and later when I went to look for comments it was gone. I never keep track of my points, so I don't know if I lost any. I've thought about this before but never asked. I couldn't see why the question was offensive but do they let you know why they would remove a question if you were the one to ask? Ok I got 2 questions here
Is it 50 points for questions removed?50 for comments removed and 50 for answers? I really would like to know. My questions appear to be there.50 for comments?
Do you think so? I am not supporting anyone, just thought I'd make anyone who may want to be aware, well aware! :)​246862&BoardsParam=HIPDelay%3d1
I seem to have a CErtain following of people who hit the Report Abuse button for stating that the wind blows (or something equally inane). Why does QnA not see the abuses of these controlling nin-cow-poops?Question them in any way and they click the Report Abuse button, and QnA does nothing.Anyway, I seem to have a backward rolling score lately, so I thought it'd be funny to reach level 10, but have no points left afterward as these controlling QnA CElebrities have their run of the place.
Can you post some questions...give her something to answer? :-))
One Twisted Child
Way to go ?mom?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We knew you could do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ja hast du es korrekt getanhint:german
This would increase the peoples desire to vote, wouln't it? A simlpe yes or no will do. I'm going to send in the results.