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my boyfriend and i are waiting to have sex. we mess around and he knows how to please me but i don't know what to do to please him.
What keeps us from doing what we know will make us happy?Be it in achievement, trivial in nature, sexual, romance, goal orientated, or simply little "withholdings" that we go through day to day...what inhibits us?Give some examples of the possible reasons for you or someone else to deny pleasure?
In a world that is in peril, in a world where so much suffering exists caused by our own hand, in a world that is dying thanks to our irresponsibility, we should not allow scenes like the ones found in to keep reoccurring , for these are the signs of a barbaric civilization condemned to die with its prey. Men (and women) who perform these acts are actually murdering our planet, and giving the human species a despicable name. What you will see in the above website should make you think. I would like to know your thoughts.
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Do you get pleasure at making fun of others who you think you are better than?So don't laugh at me, I'm short, I'm tall, I'm Fat, I'm Thin, I'm the kid on the playground who's always chosen last, I'm the little girl with braces, I'm a single teenage mother trying to overcome my past, I'm the cripple on the corner that you past on the street - do you think I want to hold this card board sign, I'm deaf, I'm blindSo don't' laugh at me, Don't call me names! Don't get pleasure from my Pain!Because some day we will all have perfect wings.
Tags: pleasure
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As in the males that go to prison and you hear stories...if you were in their shoes do u think you can remain celibate????