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Bud 28
Detroit is asking for 3 tenths of 1% of what has been committed to the bailout. Detroit should get theirs in a nanosecond.​.DTL
Do you think the definition of " I am doing a good job." is an ambiguous term and the definition is an individual opinion based on their level of excellence? ( In basic terms the definition of good for a "D" student would be different than for a "A" student.)
the name henry. It was around the time 1820 and I can't seem to find anyone that fits the description, oh and henry supported the economic system. She could be wrong about the name, so help!
Excerpts from:​O5"WASHINGTON (AP) — The fate of $600-$1,200 rebate checks for more than 100 million Americans is in limbo after Senate Democrats failed Wednesday to add $44 billion in help for the elderly, disabled veterans, the unemployed and big business to the House-passed economic aid package.Republicans banded together to block the $205 billion plan from advancing Wednesday..."I mean, won't this look like they are against Vets, the elderly, the unemployed and Businesses, during an economic down turn and during an election year?Thanks for answering,Ben
This is due tomorrow. Please no joke answers. If you are going to answer, please answer all!:-What do you think are the 10 most important skills for a student to have as they enter the 21st century workforce?-In your opinion, what are at least 3 classroom activities/exercisescould teachers and students do to attain and practice those skills?-What words of advice would you give students around the United States as they enter the 21st century workforce?GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! :)
I am a 46 year old Republican, well educated (an attorney) and I have always voted the party line for President, although I regret it with our current President. At present, the candidate I would like to say I respect the most and intend to vote for is Obama's due to his views on how to handle foreign policy and getting us out of Iraq, a civil war based on religion which will restart whether we stay 1, 5, or 20 years. As for his experience level the same can be said for Hillary who won in a state she had no ties to, which I disrespect as undermining the system. Obama has learned much in terms of foreign policy from my observations and anyone can surround themselves with the right people. My question and concern is "What are his economic theories, both for getting us out of these rough times, and then in general for running the US?" I have read conflicting reports. I want to vote for him but the wrong domestic policy in this climate could be a disaster. Thank you. Ozlaw
God, the Angels,jesus, holy spirit, Reincarnation, heaven, earth, yourself, ascended masters, goddess, mother earth, herbalist, buddhism, astrology, magic,one love, spirit, soul, judaism, allah,life after death, ascension of your soul, to touch heaven whilst on earth,the essenes, the divine mother/ father, the i am presence, wicca, mythology, sciencetology, hebrews,mormons, church of england, catholic,jehovah,spiritualism, o.b.e. astral traveling so on and so forth.what do you belief in and what is your view on the other beliefs and tell me if I've left any out. this for research only so be nice
Another question made me wonder if there were any other QnAers who have done any of the above...because some fellow QnAers are quite accomplished...and for many-- we just have no idea about what they have and have not done.If you have a fictional space experience, please feel free to share that too. All funtering allowed...BTW, Willow HAS done one of the above mentioned ;-)
I have to put together a model of pangea and i need something to look at as an example.