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 I would have :o) but they wont allow it...B abe I nT otalC ontrolH of herself
I got a fine for having two car in my driveway. That was behind a locked gate. And the gate form the street you could not see the cars .i'm selling my home an now the party that's buying the house said have to paid that fine before they will give me the remainder of the funds for the house .which is 18,000.00 us dollars. can you please help me with this .i live in queens ,new york. THANK YOU. JUANITA EPPS
I have a friend who had their plates suspended, and they want to just go and apply for a new plate, they are currently doing a suspension, but the plate that was suspended has since expired, or rather the registration expired, they were thinking about just going and getting another plate, because they need their vehicle to work, so this is what they were going to do. Do you think that they would be able to get this done, or will penndot flag them?
What do yours say?I always wanted them, but just couldn't think of the right thing to say.
bumper stickers, et. al. with "animal pictures" on them - particularly YOUR type of pets??