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Cutey With A Booty
Some people die suddenly; some people know well in advance of their imminent death. Sudden death takes the fear out for some, but deprives others of the chance for closure - to say good bye.If you had to choose, which would you prefer?
As global warming increases the melting of the polar ice caps, the sea mass of the world will also increases. The world is planning on average X-Bar sea levels increasing fo 22 feet (+- 5' about). At the Earth equator. As the Sea rise begins, the slowing the earths normal 86400 sec/rotation will begin.1) With a X-Bar, 22 foot Sea Level, What will be the Earth's new sec/rotational speed?2) What effects will this new Earth rotational Speed have on Land/Sea/Air environments?
Im looking to find sources where upcoming national projects are listed for the african continent.