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One Twisted Child
Would the government improve or flounder?Would corporate America flourish or be brought to its knees?
I know a lot of restaurants,pubs,and other places do not allow non-japanese people into their establishments but does this really impact some ones visit to japan as an american or does this type of discrimination only exist in certain areas of japan? i just really want to know because i plan on making a future trip to tokyo but i'd rather save myself the trip if every place is going to be the same
Don't want to buy from just anyone since it's got to be effective. Any suggestions?
upload a video from whatever movie maker you have to that site????i just wondered because at 8:45am this morning i started to upload this video and it still hasn't uploaded yet and its now 13:43pm so what's the longest its taken you to do this???? surely it cant be that hard? peace be with you always have fun 
Deleting it doesn't work.Dragging it to the Recycle Bin does not work.I can't see it in the 'Customise Desktop' dialog box.Any other suggestions?