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Jims Best Angle
Legally do you know how much cash your are allowed to have in your possession at any given point in time in the United States?
Roberto Martinez
such a steady rate? Honestly I've just never heard either question raised before.
newspaper has distressed me. I feel for the victim. a 19 yr old who stepped out of the mall in a group. When she unlocked her car and seated herself a hand grabbed her throat from behind. A man's voice threatened to kill her if she didn't do as told. He then directed her to different ATMs to withdraw money. Rear view was pulled down so she couldn't see him. He had her drive to a dark place and raped her. She was then told to drop him off at some dark spot. She drove herself to the ER and received emergency treatment there. This mall is about 8 miles from my home and always very busy specially during this season. I am shocked at this outrage!! In addition to this trauma she now has to worry about picking up STDs, HIV from this unknown man...I wish her strength..
While playing with a particularly offensive backgammon player, he threatened to access my IP address after a few min. he said he knew where I lived, and before he quite the game said he's "see me soon". Is it possible to find out all that just from playing a game?
Ajay Kelkar