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After what I saw today, I will give a resounding YES see this link for details.​F081
Tags: phones
So many of your spelling problems could be explained by this. :)
Tags: phones
Does any one know a converter which can convert RJ9 to 3.5mm. So I can talk using my headset connected to my home land line ?Satish
how can i format or restore my windows smart phone running over windows xp smart phone edition 2003
In terms of operating systems, softwares, and other specifications
i want to start a wake up call business using my computer. what software can i use if any.
We have come across a situation where we would like to record some phone calls made in the workplace through our soft VoIP phones. Optimally, this software would be able to run on a computer connected to the same network without having to install anything on the server - however, I am not opposed to any solutions including the server.