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Reverend Red Mage
Now that petrol is so expensive, are people who previously sniffed petrol now turning to other drugs? Are people firebombing less too?
Racer Boy 7
i want buy the save most petrol's can so that i will not spend so muchmoney
Gentleman finding it too exhausting cycling to Faintly Hill with his fishing equipment and would welcome sharing a car and help towards THE COST OF PETROL.Only genuine people reply please
Robert Ramirez
Our petrol (gas) in the UK is around £1.05 per litre - that is about $2.20. How does that compare with what you pay in the US?
Tags: petrol
Goodbye, Cruel World
I have heard it both ways and know it depends upon what you want. However, that depends upon demand and that depends upon....The heavier products such as diesel have more energy per pound than the lighter products. In much of the world, diesel is the more common automotive fuel. In the US, gasoline is by far more common.I have heard it explained that the US has been relegated to using the lower energy "byproduct" of gasoline, allowing more export of the heavier products.