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It is my understanding that it will soon be possible for the dead persons brain to be able to be read and to be able to tell the investigators what happened just before death. Rather exciting isn't it?
not met face to face? Do you think Mensa members would go around telling others of their high intelligences??? Considering those two questions: do you think that people that claim high IQ's to people they don't really know, and that have no way of proving or disproving their claims, are telling the truth? Considering those three questions: why would anyone with the intelligence of a genius find reason to share just how smart they are with anyone outside of their real-life social circle?
Need this to run on its own, at specified times on a running computer.A program that ran a complete recorded macro would be great. IDEAS????
It keeps telling me "Sorry this space is unavailable at this time"
I'm trying to get a cell phone number of a former boss, for a job application. How can I get this?