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Amazing Guy
Example. A person meets another and finds them interesting,charming, and fun. They're attracted to the person but realize the person doesn't meet what they typically would define as attractive. Maybe a woman is heavier when the man has always perceived thin as attractive. A woman may perceive a taller man as more attractive than a shorter. Despite the fact they felt drawn to this other person. How many people ignore the initial attraction they felt and walk away from potentially perfect matches because they over analyze appearance based on what they are conditioned to think is attractive and what their peers would think? Social definitions of "attractive" change through the years, for example in victorian days a woman was preferred to be curvy and plump. So I wonder now whether we are making decisions on our own internal definitions of attractive or by social definition..and whether men or women do so more, and whether we are even aware of our tendency to do so??
Little Tweets
I'm trying to gather personal and general accounts of situations that exist between American born children and their foreign born parents, how being in America created such conflict, while the parent retains most (all) of their cultural beliefs and aspect to life the child has started to blend into American society and standards...i would love people's inputs and comments.... I want to focus on Haitian, Cuban, Jamaican, Chinese and Filipino communities, but any input from different cultures is helpful. Thank You in advance
yes, It can hurt anyone in long time... I don't know what should I do, these days I've lots of problem mixed with each-other and I feel my mind soon would.... BOOM!!I can feel I'm really in bad mood... I cannot find anyone that I feel I can talk to and get help from... something like feeling and personal problems is not things to be able to talk with everyone... I don't know what should I do... maybe I need to a psychiatrist...!! I don't know! help me to get out from this bad mood... :(
Have you ever had a person that harrassed or stalked you and tried to make your life miserable?How did you deal with it or are you still in the midst of it?
If so, wouldn't it be great if prayer worked to the advantage and they spontaneously combusted?