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they got approved.
I'd venture to guess that about 33.3% of the world is sleeping at any given time. My estimate is derived from the idea that a typical night of sleep is supposed to consist of 8 hours of rest.There are 24 hours in a day, so essentially 1/3 of each person's day is spent in slumber. Furthermore...The Earth, is in constant rotation upon it's axis and around the sun... . As some are just waking up, others are barely going to sleep. This provides that a consistent (or average) number of people are drooling on their pillows in unison. Therefore, my deduction - though possibly flawed - points to a percentage of 33.3%... (actually, that is just my gut feeling... not sure if this explanation above makes sense or if it's just crazy talk... either way, I'm ready for my meds now, nurse.)
How you go about using more than the small percentage and using all of the brain?
What do you think of the congress? Are they doing their job right or are they doing their job wrong? Rate your answer as a percentage. ( 20% 50% 75% 100%)