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Or has the price increases at the supermarket and possibly other things- as yet to be seen-canceled each other out. I carry another health insurance plan which will increase by 8 percent soon. So on my part-taking all things into consideration - I will be taking one step forward and two steps back.
Did you know that in China on average the household puts away 30% of their monthly income for savings.
Why isn't any growth considered good? Why doesn't a 3 percent increase mean things are 3 percent better? Wouldn't zero growth just mean we're no worse off than last year? I know there's something here I don't get- can someone explain?
there are two users set up for my windows and even some free things I got from the computer shop where the HD is from. but my basic files, system files, even new ones seem to have duplicates. sometimes the duplicates are on the same folder. Is it possible my explorer sees duplicates from the other user and displays something that is not really in the labeled location?
Chem labs woo! I have searched over the net and haven't found anything :(dno if the school has any CO2 which was suggested by other people.Any idea's?
in a lease-purhchase what percent of the payment goes towards the purhcase? i'm just looking for an average. thanks.does it differ from leasing a car than a house? thanks.