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Elton John
My lecturer talked about it today, but I didn't understand what he was saying about it. Thanks.
Twisted Sal
Did the average Briton in the mid 1500s think of planet Earth as being a larger or smaller globe than we do now? They may have been aware of the discovery of America and it as something 'far off' - and now we have Google Earth to look at, but even so, as a globe, was the world imagined as about 24,000 miles in circumference, or more, or less?What do you reckon?Take your time. No hurry...
I believe (am not a psychologist so please correct me if I am wrong) that animal abuse is an indicator in the diagnosis of some severe psychological disorders and conditions and that it is a main precursor to more violent actions and crimes against humans. So why is animal abuse not treated as serious as a crime as abuse against a child or human when most likely it is an early warning sign that this person is going to graduate to even more heinous crimes. If they caught the person at the animal stage then it might prevent more violent crimes against humans as well.I am not including the elderly people with OCD that collect a 100 cats or someone who does neglects their horse in the field, etc. Those people need help as well but I just do not see an 80 year old woman becoming an axe murderer.