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Jims Best Angle
If the democrats are not getting what they want in the Financial Bailout, will Nancy Pelosi shutdown the House again. After all, it is a schedule vacation period just like when she shutdown the House during the energy debate. That seem to be an acceptable reason to her supports then, would it still be acceptable?
Jims Best Angle
Hypothetically, what would happen.Since we all know BO's tax plan is nothing but hot air and the only one that matters is the one Congress sends to his desk for his signature. What do you think Obama will do, should he get a tax bill from the congress, that raise taxes not just on 5% of the population but raises it on 50%.What will BO do with this bill.1) Veto it because he promised to give 95% of American a tax break and he is a man of his word.2) Sign it because he has a long history of following the party line.What do you think he would do, the scenario is very possible.
There were republicans that did not want to vote for this bailout of Wall Street and John McCain changed their minds and brought them together to work on a plan that would benefit the tax payers, but after hearing Pelosi's ignorant partisan speech they said "forget it." The republicans worked just as hard on coming up with the proposed plan and Pelosi turned it into a political bashing of the Bush administration. The dems are majority in congress and if they feel this is so important then they should have asked Obama to talk to those 96 or 94 dems who voted no and Obama should have made a stand one way or the other. He still hadn't gave his answer as a yes or no for this proposed plan. Per usual, he probably would have voted "present."
Some workers were fired and a warden resigned ,thing is parents gave permission. Will some one please make the speaker aware of this please.