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Jims Best Angle
The vast majority of people pay there bills and their mortgages on time or pretty close to on time every month, year in, year out.Should we just stop paying, and when the bank calls tell the person on the other end "I made my payment last April 16th to the IRS. Ask the Feds for your payment. Do not call me again"Why should we (the responsible people) be paying twice?
There's 380 million of us. Would not that help get the economy back on it's feet much quicker than these silly bailout for the rich who squandered their money needlessly?
The Oracle
ourselves at home going down the drain economically and Iraq has a multibillion dollar oil revenue? Am I missing something here? Would you please slap me in the head with a catfish and tell me how this makes sense?
The Oracle
their stimulus rebate checks........over $800,000,000 worth! Finally, somebody is watching something!
Thessalonius Ii
Everything has been just so gloomy lately, the weather sucks and my car just blew a tire. This past weekend my mate and I spent the whole time at our lakeside cabin, no tv, no papers. Just the torture of the news from the web. I stayed away from it the whole time. I haven't slept so well in months. Who's with me?