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i need to acsess my computers administrator, thing how do i get in so i can change administrators
i tried to reinstall but i cant get the computer to read the cd and i cant sign into windows to change it
I have been using Hotmail for 5 yrs; and this is a recent problem. I don't remember changing anything; so I don't know why this is looping.
I made a password reset disk the other day, at least i thought i did, then i tested it on the welcome screen and, it turns out i don't need my reset disk to reset my password, that means anyone can access my windows account.P.S. I have Wundows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and a Gateway GM4019E (I already emailed tech support, they didn't help much)
I'm trying to get into this laptop someone gave me but it asked for a password neither one of us knows what can i do?
tried the program latitude.exe the passwords provided did not help does anyone else know how to get me into my computer, i can't do anything not even load onto dos.
have rebooted computer, can get on internet using same password for dial up but my outlook requests password and when i type it in it wont accept it
Geeves Not
prior to this, I was able to log in without using my password. please advise. thankyou, Leslie Hale Warner.