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When folks in church give money to help those less fortunate, is that closer to the economic policies of one party or the other? If so, how?
Would a lead-glass prism create rainbows both inside or outside of Earth's atmosphere?
Does anyone know how to pee clean from marijuana use in a urine test?
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I think what Alec did was wonderful. How many other people plan to do that? If you didn't see a regular on here for a long time.....and had no way to contact the person what would you think?
I am thinking about taking a test to become Microsoft Certified, and I took 2 skills assessments. On one I got a 73%, on the other I got an 80%. I know, I know, I'll need to study a little bit to get these grades higher before taking the exam, but I'm just curious to know what score I would need to get. Also, I wanted to know if there is an age limit (I'm still a student). Do you have to be 18 years of age?
Hi, I'm not sure if it is possible or if their is an alternative I am calling a function and passing a PHP variable into it which is the result of an SQL query. I now need to read the variable back in the javascript function. I currently have something a bit like...<?php getBlog($blogTitle) ?>function getBlog(blogTitle){ alert(blogTitle)}I'm currently getting 'undefined' in my alert box.Thanks in advance =]
500,000 unwanted animals are killed each year in California alone. Those dogs and cats also impose a big expense to the state as keeping and killing them costs $300 million a year.Breeders and owners of guide dogs can get an exception. All others would need to get their pets fixed of receive a $500 fine for each pet not fixed.Do you agree with this? Is it a good way to reduce the population of unwanted pets, or is it micromanagement in your lives?I know Bob Barker's opinion. What's yours?
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The Oracle
hit, let's say what the minimum hourly wage is, or even worse, 7, 8 ..EGADS, $10 bucks a gallon, will we finally just have had it? Will we re-colonize the Mideast or just go in there and take the damn stuff?....Would the American people go along with the powers at be and allow and justify and rationalize this?....