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Who will benefit from the package if and when it is passed and Bush signs it? I've been hearing conflicting reports on this matter... Any news?
got a bunch of tapes that i recorded off the tv some years back, would like to get them into a more stabile storage format
I have McAfee now, but the updates have expired, and it's very annoying, it asks for me to buy the paid subscription SEVERAL times daily. A friend of mine has Norton, which is so-so but still annoying in that same way. How are AVG and Defender Pro (and others) in comparison to McAfee & Norton?
I know that MS is bringing out a version of the Windows Home Server to an HP platform later this year, but I wanted to know if anyone knew if they are going to make it its own version of the software. I am interested in designing home server systems arouydn this operating system, but I dont want to have to make my customers buy one from HP, I much rather build my own custom servers for it, but I am sure if they have the home edition in a seperate packaging that it will cost less than the other versions, and have all the same features. I dont know though, so that is why I am asking if anyone knows this information. Also, hints of when it might come out and where I might be able to order it from would be great.
Need this to run on its own, at specified times on a running computer.A program that ran a complete recorded macro would be great. IDEAS????