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in the city of cleveland ohio is there a law on the books that reuire owners to clean up after thier dog poops in my front lawn
Chicago Lady
I recently asked a question about silly cat antics and someone answered that they hate cats. This got me wondering what kinds of pets people have: dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, lizards, monkeys? etc. etc. etc.
I picked up a pair of shorts to buy at a yard sale this morning and noticed a cute dog on the other side of a fence. I did some baby talk to him and he drew back, ruffled his hair and growled. "I won't be petting that dog" I chided to myself! And then I put the shorts back.
Whiter Than God
When a dog viciously attacks a human being whose fault do you think it is?
Tags: owners
Bev It is so funny to see, do you know of any one that looks like their pet?